Tax Help

Do you have tax notices coming in the mail? Are you in debt to the IRS or the state and you don't know what to do? Contact StanLee Tax Resolutions to discuss ways to alleviate your IRS problems. Our staff is experienced and ready to handle the IRS on your behalf. We are able to help taxpayers in any part of the United States.

My grandpaw used to tell me that there's only two things you ever REALLY have to do in life: Die and pay taxes.

Nobody likes it and nobody wants to, but it is are part of life. We enjoy the roads we use and the other things we get for the money we contribute, so it is an evitable thing. However, there are times that problems come up. The government can make a mistake and over tax us; we could make choices that aren't the best, so the government comes knocking; or the tax obligation we know we legitimately owe is just too burdensome to pay.

Then when you start trying to understand the Internal Revenue Service, it's like they speak some foreign language, so you don't really know what to do, or how to communicate because of all the red tape. Ignoring it won't do anything good. Notices will still keep coming in the mail. You could end up with a lien or levy on your property. Depending on the circumstances, the law could get involved. It can get ugly.

Let StanLee Tax Resolutions step in and take control of the situation. We will assess your case to make sure you are a good fit. Next, we will make sure you get into compliance and up-to-date with the IRS, and then we will work with the taxing authority to try to come to a resolution.

We do not make any guarantees about what the IRS or state will accept. There's no company that can 100% guarantee what the IRS will accept as a settlement, or if they will be willing to settle at all. At StanLee, we make it our priority to have an idea of the kinds of cases the IRS will negotiate, so we don't waste your time or money.